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Licor de Ginja Rossio Obidos



Ginja Rossio is small family-run company created officially in 1987 by Dario Pimpao. Located in the village of Sobral da Lagoa, a parish in the municipality of Obidos and the birthplace of the production of the ginja fruit. Ginja is a liqueur obtained from maceration of the fruit ginja (scientific name: Prunus Cerasus).

The production process of Ginja Rossio begins in the fields, where the fruit is harvested at the right stage of maturation. After one year maceration, the liquor resulting from the process is ex-tracted without using artificial colors & preservatives. It has a clear ruby color. Taste of fruity sweetness, sophisticated and refined flavors. It can be served as an aperitif or digestive, also drink with desserts or enjoy it alone.

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