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Damblat Armagnac 10 Years Napoleon



Damblat & Havion family has been making Armagnac at the Chateau in Ayguetinte Village since 1859. Surrounded by vineyards, le Chateau has been standing there for centuries, being the first built by the Templers in the XIII century. Dam-blat is the blending of finest brandies distilled only from the regions of Bas Armagnac & Tenareze. Here in Le Chateau, in the dark distillery room, the gift of the vines, the art of the distill masters and old time secrets (back to Cisterian Monks) are brought together. Single, continuous distillation, fine grained black oak aging. Their fine Armagnacs are rich in fruit aromas, full and complex.

A clear decorative carafe bottle, a sophisticated traditional necktie label with wax sealed natural cork. The hand-written bottling date & number plus the signature of the cellar master make the products very special. Drop dead gorgeous packaging with hand written informative notes. Besides, the carafe itself can be kept as a useful decanter. This product is an ideal gift and an indulgence for spirit connoisseurs.


Matured in oak barrels for 10 years. Amber colors with deep chestnut hues. Refined and pleasant aromas of vanilla, prune, dried fruits. Hints of orange peel, cloves, smokiness. Gentle on the palate with notes of spices, liquorice and hazelnuts. Highly recommended to be drunk in traditional balloon glasses that fits well in the palm of a hand. When finish sipping, smell the prunes, spices, vanilla… the quintessence of the Armagnac that still carries on. It is an excellent aperitif or after meal drink. Of course, can be the perfect base for original and highly aromatic cocktails.

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